Lady Jennifer Carter
A RTT Story - Two Men, One Orgasm
A RTT Story - Two Men, One Orgasm

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In the meantime, word has got around and is no longer an insider tip in Berlin, but in terms of rubber, latex, electricity and vacuum there is no way around Mistress Jennifer Carter in the Versus studio in the south of Berlin! With your exquisite collection of latex masks and suits, stimulation current devices and vacuum pumps from well-known manufacturers such as Rubber's Finest, Studio Gum, Blackstyle, Erostek and Serious Kit, you will also fulfill the longings of the most demanding latex fetishists! And so today there were two interested slaves in Studio Versus who urgently want to experience Mistress Carter’s “Rubber Tech ” program! Your colleague Mistress Ornella is also interested and so you just join the three! First of all, Mistress Ornella can learn how to use the Serious Kit and so your slave is put in the full latex suit, which only has free holes in the erogenous zones for the appropriate equipment! A beautiful heavy latex mask with a matching mouthpiece completes its transformation into a latex object! To beautify herself and the slave, Mistress Ornella oiled herself and the rubber slave! Now it is time for the Serious Kit to start operating and so power and vacuum cylinders are attached to the slave's nipples and tail! Put a little more lubricant in the cylinder and the machine can be started! While the milker does all the work on erogenous zones in rhythmic movements, the pump draws the last air from the latex suit so that it encloses the body of the rubber slave like a second skin! With additional straps, Mistress Ornella ensures that the rubber object is held in place even more firmly before the ET312 stimulation current device is positioned and ensures proper tension for the slave! In the second part of the rubber orgy, the landlady personally takes the scepter and pulls out all the stops! Your slave will be allowed to wear nothing less than the 3.5 kg heaviest rubber mask in the universe with a rubber olfactory collar! A thick rubber straitjacket and tight-fitting latex pants complete the fetish outfit of your new object. Mistress Carter is also thirsty for perfection and so your outfit and that of the slave is made to shine with plenty of oil! It is a real pleasure to watch as you spread the viscous liquid over your addictive curves of your body! But Mistress Carter is not only a gifted rubber queen, no, she also deserved the title “Bizarre Shopping Queen of the Year”! Because again you have expanded your extensive assortment of cock cylinders (SPT) with a few new instruments! And your slave today can count himself lucky and get to know some of these new SPTs! A dilator SPT and an acorn SPT are tested by the mistress on your object, all with plenty of electricity, so that even through the thickest rubber mask the painful cries of pleasure of the slave can be clearly heard! For the grand finale, Mistress Carter came up with something very perverse but also awesome! The jewel in your collection is the Double-SPT! For this, the two women move their game objects into a parallel position to each other. The slaves' tails are at the same level. Now the Double-SPT starts its service with sucking movements! What a sight, the latex queens are enthusiastic and one last question remains, "Will the cocks tips of the rubber slaves touch in the tube of lust" !?

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