Lady Jennifer Carter
Jennifer Carter´s Chocolate Factory
Jennifer Carter´s Chocolate Factory

Video-Length: 9m 48s
Video-Resolution: 718x1078 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 11366 kbit/s
Video-Format: MOV
File size: 779 MB
Language: German


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I now have a little surprise for all my horny pigs at Christmas time. Get my new scat movie at a special price until December 31st, 2023! Slave Saurich was more than lucky when he pulled the golden ticket, which gave him direct access to the long-shuttered chocolate factory of the finest in-house brown delicacies straight from Mistress Carter's womb. And what a huge heap full of wonderful brown gold is making its way from the divine rosette into the slave maw. A little dirty film from the No. 1 scat queen, with addictive close-ups in slow motion and in the right format for your pocket.