Lady Jennifer Carter
Seriouskit for Powerhengst @ gmail dot com
Seriouskit for Powerhengst @ gmail dot com

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Madama Eva-Liliel Black is still a bit surprised by the email she received from her new guest! A certain power stallion has registered for a Medical Serious Kit Session and he wants to go to 2 ladies of the Studio Playground! "Although this macho woman understander has probably never associated the words humility and submissive with a woman, does he want to face two dominant female doctors at the same time...?" That's going to be interesting, Madame Black says to herself and gets female co worker in persona from Mistress Jennifer Carter to it! And our medical goddesses in white and semi-transparent begin with your treatment. However, before you can start with the Serious Kit, the patient must be checked for heart and lust! For this, the toxins are removed from the permanently horny patient with catheter and enema, his potency is increased with blue juice in the syringe, his piss tube is stretched with dilators and his ability to react is tested with electricity! Of course, pressure, pulse and oxygen measurements should not be missing! The whole thing is rounded off by a swallowing and aroma therapy by the women doctors with the body's own juices! In the final act, the special guest gets their long-awaited Serious Kit experience! For this, an SPT is pulled over his little friend and his tits are enlarged with vacuum cups, which Madame Black and Mistress Carter can use to check whether their patient is really a real power stud or just a lame horse with a big mouth!?

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