Lady Jennifer Carter
In the kingdom of the Amazons - the sacrificial ritual
In the kingdom of the Amazons - the sacrificial ritual

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The amazons Mistress Jennifer Carter and Lady Helena Diamond roam through your hunting ground! Their territory is the Grunewald near Berlin and the man who strays here or even dares to do so at his own risk! Because everyone knows that amazons only need men for their pleasure, otherwise for nothing! When the heavy rubber slave once strayed from the wrong path, he met Lady Helena. She caught the rubber pig and took her to the sacrifice place where Mistress Carter was already waiting. After a proper fixation, the ritual of sacrifice began. With natural dilators, trampling, pee, a very special feeding and a different kind of dildo ride, the rubber slave was able to come closer to his prophecy! But will it be enough for the demanding Amazon warriors? See for yourself and also get the other (dirty) adventure of the Amazons - "Das Waldklo"!