Lady Jennifer Carter
Rubber Tech by Rubbernurse - Part One
Rubber Tech  by Rubbernurse - Part One

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A Rubber-Tech- Deluxe awaits Mistress Carter orgasm-addicted patients today! The constantly self-playing slave, it requires a special therapy! But the mistress slips into her new skin-tight latex uniform, so that your divine curves will come into their own and bring the slaves out of their mind! Even the slave gets the benefit of latex and gets the oversized rubber suit from the Serious Kit missed! But that is not enough Rubbers courses and so the slave must wear for your pleasure even a heavy rubber mask to reduce his breathing! In keeping with this, your patient also gets the Smellbag, so that he can only smell rubber! Rubbernurse has to take Carter's victim into Boomer! The slave is wired and fixed so that the pump of the Serious Kit can serve you! And so the air is pulled out of the rubber suit and through the cylinders on the nipples and the tail, the patient gets to know his body new! In addition, the slave learns what a pleasure it can be to have a catheter placed by the mistress! And all this is just for the preparation of his orgasm and current therapy, but in the second part more!