Lady Jennifer Carter
The Destroyer of Men - Chapter 1 - Cane & Whip!
The Destroyer of Men - Chapter 1 - Cane & Whip!

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Emancipation, feminism, equality and me too are not just empty phrases for Mistress Carter, but you do not need such terms to make your voice heard in a male-dominated society! It is rather the other way around, it shows the men who is in charge! To do that, Mistress Carter takes a male object and breaks it! Specifically, it destroys to rebuild Him from the bottom up and make it an obedient slave in your realm! But since slaves are often inclined not to always give the mistress the attention that she deserves, the destroyer of the men in her studio Versus has very powerful arguments ready! And so 3 objects that are difficult to educate can be enjoyed by Mistress Carter’s extensive collection of canes, whips and paddles! In order to increase the fear and adrenaline of the slaves, you are fixed on your back on the slave frame so that the mistress can hit your objects from the front! Mistress Carter now takes one slave after another and lets your percussion instruments hit the bodies of your masochists like a crashing hailstorm! With every further blow, with every loud bang and with every further slave, the mistress increases into a real high, so that the fun for the destroyer is over again! But who thinks that's it, Mistress Carter doesn't know, because if the mistress wants to play, then she still has an ace in the cleavage! If you want to know more, get this film, or are you already fed up with the destroyer of the men !?